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Woman, touched by an Angel while viewing Starscapes.

Woman, Touched by an Angel While Viewing STARSCAPES®
Hello all,I wanted to share an emotional something with all of you about a job I recently did for a customer.A friend of my wife has been battleing a brain tumor for years and it finally got to the point where she either had the surgery to remove it or it would kill her, of course the surgery itself could do the same. She knew she had no choice but to go along with the surgery.My friend kept telling me she couldn't sleep anymore and it was really bothering him, as it would anyone I am sure. I asked him if he would mind if I come over one Saturday to talk to both of them and that I may have something that would ease their minds through this very trying time. Needless to say he accepted so I gathered my demoboards, one of which has the angel stencil (Love it!) and I knew his wife really loved angels. When they saw what I had to show them, they were very excited about it and of course the lady wanted the angel also but they wanted to know what it would cost. I told them I would do it for FREE, not just because they were my friends but because I really knew this would help them in so many ways. I asked the lady where she would like the angel (so I would know how to set up my galactifier) and she just said, "Suprise me".Well after thinking about it I decided to place the angel above the bed and then did the rest of the painting. When I was done I asked them both to come into the room and lay down on the bed. (They were so excited I think they both dropped 20 years.) I told them they would have to lay there for a few minutes with their eyes closed to allow their eyes to adjust to the darkness.After some talking and getting them relaxed I told them to open their eyes.She gasped and seemed breathless! He just said WOW! When she could finally say something I asked if everything was ok, with tears in her eyes, she said, "It's beautiful. I wasn't expecting the angel to be right there, I love her!" I told her, "I placed the angel there so she could watch over you at night and let you know everything is going to be O.K."Well after getting a little teary eyed myself, I said "Enjoy your newnight sky!" They were still laying on the bed when I left. A few days laterI called her to see how she was doing, she said great and that she had actually been able to sleep and the nights she couldn't sleep she layed there counting the stars and looking at her angel. She also thanked me because her favorite constellations are the dippers and she can see them perfectly. She told me that she feels really good about having the surgery and is ready for it. Her surgery went well, the tumor had not hardened so they were able to get almost all of it! Her husband called me the other day laughing because of something else that happened after her surgery with the angel. Of course we didn't think of it at the time but after a major surgery you are usually on some heavy medications.He said his wife woke him up in the middle of the night and told him to call me because the angel had come down and touched her on the face and was flying right in front of her. He was like "I am not calling him this early in the morning, besides what can he do?" Haha.I talked to her the other day about it and we both had a littlelaugh, then I said who knows maybe the angel did come down and touchyou to make sure everything heals up the way it is supposed to, shejust smiled real big and said thank you.In conclusion, I just wanted to say how great it makes me feel toknow I did something to help these good people through a very roughtime and I wouldn't have been able to do it if it wasn't for STARSCAPES®,and I am LOVING every minute of it!! Thanks Joe.Ed Troxel, S.A.I.
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