Senin, 13 Juli 2015

A cure to HIV and AIDS is found

I have been in a multilevel business for five year now, and I have a remarkable testimony from my friend who happen to be my upline in this multilevel business. The Multilevel company is PT. Melia Sehat Sejahtera at According to my friend she has handled a couple of people suffering from HIV to AIDS syndrome, and they have shown a remarkable progress of recovery. The explanation to all this is that when the patient consume Propolis, which is extracted from the fresh leaf of a poplar tree that grows in the Amazon Jungle in Brazil, then the bee mix the resin from the tree with it's Saliva and then conceal its bee hive so the bee hive is sterilized from virus, bacteria, and mold. That explains why the bee hive is more steril than a hospital surgical room, which we know is a very steril room, when we enter it we must use a face mask and use a special coat to protect the patient from the germ we may bring from the outside of the room. The key to the recovery is that you must believe that God Al-Mighty didn't create a decease without a cure and you must stand the detoxification process that may occur during the process you consume the product (Propolis + Melia Biyang). Melia Biyang can ease the pain you suffer while you are in the detoxification process, so I suggest you consume both product for the best result. You can consult about these two product with me by my blog or e-mail : or my phone number +6287872068516. If you want to buy the two product, you can send me via western Union an amount of money of US$ 100 and I will send the two product to any place in the world. Thank you for your attention to reading my

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